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Bella the Movie Star

Captain Tugboat Bella

"Captain" Tugboat Bella in action:

Bella with the Beautiful Tail

Bella is a show-quality Old English Sheepdog who was allowed to keep her tail in the best European tradition.

She Remembers

Bella was one of three puppies born to Mandy, the Henning family's much loved family member. Bella spent a lot of time in Cindy Henning's lap during her first eight weeks. Two years later she came to Michigan and visited Cindy. Like an elephant, she remembers.

Bella the Medical Alert Dog

Bella is legally identified as a Medical Alert Dog. At six months old, all on her own, Bella began alerting JoAnn, who has MS, to oncoming seizures. Now Bella is trained to stay with JoAnn and assist her to get back up. But most of the time JoAnn just quickly takes medication and avoids the seizure completely. Bella goes everywhere with JoAnn: the bank, doctor's offices, shopping centers, airports, plane rides, etc. On the plane she is a star, with the flight attendants taking pictures of her. On one flight Bella climbed in her seat, turned around, and lay down with her head in an elderly lady's lap. JoAnn quickly appologized and started to move her, but the lady said, "No, no! I like this! It will give me something to tell my grandchildren about." Bella flew all the way to Maryland being petted by her new friend.

Bella the Star in Cameo Roles

Bella makes cameo appearances in the following movies (see if you can spot her):

I'm Too Sexy
Calling all the Children Home
Happy Adoption day
Happy Birthday
Easter Parade
4th of July
Ghost Busters
Betty's Christmas Card

Old English Sheepdog

Bella is an Old English Sheepdog. She is a skilled Service Dog, a lovely family pet, and a great tugboat captain! (Of course the captain's title is honorary.) Rhoad Old English Sheepdogs is very proud of her accomplishments. If you want to learn more about this lovely breed, take a look at her breeder's website. Who knows, maybe you will want to make an Old English sheepdog part of your family?


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